‘KONOHA’ is a material sample made to convey beautiful raw material coloring technology by adding polarized pearls and lamé to polycarbonate, which is a commonly known highly durable
transparent resin. This is not a general color sample but a material sample showing the height of technology. Show the material color with a polyhedron with curved surfaces, follow the
minute mold shape with leaf wrinkles, and change the shape of the edges to express the color gradation. In the future, this material has the potential to reduce CO2 and VOCs by eliminating
the painting process at various manufacturing sites, and was designed to convey the value of this material to more people. Kaori Akiyama of STUDIO BYCOLOR designed the leaves from which the postcards were derived as motifs. We hope you will feel through this exhibition that material development will be important for future design. Won German Design Award 2020,DFA Asian Design Award and GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Client |  Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation

PHOTO | kanoco / No.1-2 No.6  Shima Koyama / No.5 No.7-13


KONOHA は一般的に知られる耐久性の高い透過性樹脂であるポリカーボネートに偏光パールやラメ等を加えた美麗な原料着色技術を伝えるために作られた素材サンプルで、曲面による多面体で素材色を見せること、葉脈シボにより微細な金型形状に追随できること、縁への変厚形状が色のグラデーションを表現するなど、一般的な色サンプルではなく技術の髄を見せた技術サンプルです。今後、さまざまな製造現場で塗装工程が省かれCO2 やVOC の削減が期待される可能性を秘めた素材であり、より多くの方々にこの素材の価値を伝えるためにデザインされました。この取り組みを通して、素材開発が今後のデザインの大事な柱となっていくことを感じていただけましたら幸いです。
German Design Award、DFAアジアデザイン賞、GOOD DESIGN AWARD 受賞

Client |  三菱エンジニアリングプラスチックス株式会社

PHOTO | kanoco / No.1-2 No.6  小山 志麻 / No.5 No.7-13