20 Oct, 2023

The tile work of the NORI ( Japanese seaweed ) experiment will be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week.

There are many black foods in Japan, all of which have long been valued for their rich nutritional content. Nori, used for sushi and rice balls, is one such example. Do you know how the black color of NORI is produced? NORI PIGMENT is an experimental project by STUDIO BYCOLOR to explore the potential of pigments from the ocean.
19 Oct, 2023

Kaori Akiyama will participate as a designer in the exhibition “+STORIES” organized by OK KASEI, a plastic colorant manufacturer.

01 Sep, 2023

ubique – The invisible and visible beauty of ARAKAWA GRIP

07 Jun, 2023

Less, Light, Local

04 May, 2023

‘COYUI’ iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Gold 受賞

26 Apr, 2023

荒川技研工業50周年プロジェクト ’50 GRIPS’ ミラノ市街 Almach Art Galleryでの展示

26 Apr, 2023

MATERIALLYとTotal Tool主催によるバイオマスマテリアルの展示”VIVARIUM”に出展

26 Apr, 2023

New Normal, New Standard 初のミラノデザインウィーク出展にて片岡屏風店との新作360BYOUBUをローンチします